Hello, lovelies ♥ I miss blogging here. However, the recent lack of posts was because I’ve been figuring out how I’m going to move this blog to a new wordpress account. Reading about it, I realized that it seemed like a lot of work. However, because this blog is actually linked to my personal wordpress … More Moving!


Hello, lovelies ♥ It’s been so long, hi! ♥ I’ve just recently came back from a trip so I haven’t posted much lately. I’m hoping to make more posts whenever I have time off so I could make up for my recent lack of posts. Anyway, today’s post features two lingerie sets from MAAI ♥ … More Elusion


// Hello, lovelies ♥ Virtual Fashion by Lacrymosed is now Inspired by Lacrymosed ♥ During that change, I’ve also decided to make some experimental changes to my photos. My planned posts have been delayed because of that, but I will try to make up for that in the following days. 🙂 I don’t know if … More Liquid

Red Queen

Hello, lovelies ♥ My classes have just started this week and I am unable to post every other day now, however, I will still do my best to be able to post at least thrice a week. 🙂 My outfit for today features this dress from Bubble (such a cutie, right?) and I wore it … More Red Queen

Hey Mickey

Hello, lovelies ♥ Today’s look is again inspired by the lovely Lee Sung Kyung (이성경) ♥ I even made a new shape for today. ☺ I’m wearing this cute sweater with these cute shorts from Moon Amore (which comes with a texture-change HUD!). I paired it with these shoes from insanya, which also comes with … More Hey Mickey


Hello lovelies ♥ I’ve always wanted to make a home and decor post ♥ I’ve always loved to decorate. In Sims, for example, I always spend almost all of my time decorating my house than I do playing the game. I love the idea of personalizing a space, and I have done that too in … More Always

Sunny Day

Hello lovelies ♥ Today’s look features the Sunny 2.0 mesh head from Genesis Lab (which by the way kinda looks like Maggie Q!) and this dress which is a new gift from OVH (that neckline ♥.♥). Anyway, the head comes with an HUD that lets you change your brow color, lip color, eye liner style, … More Sunny Day


Hello, lovelies ♥ Today’s look features pastel colored pieces ♥ This two-piece dress is from Eyelure and it is available in five other designs. I paired it with this lovely hair from little bones, which comes with a color-change HUD (for both the hat and the hair!). For an overall cutesy look, I used this … More Blues

It’s Okay

Hello, lovelies ♥ Today’s look is inspired by the lovely (이성경) Lee Sung Kyung ♥ I wore these cute overalls + sweater from COCO (which was what inspired me to dress up like Lee Sung Kyung) and paired it with these shoes from insanya. I am wearing this hair from TRUTH (I think I’m in love with … More It’s Okay